Months before his re-election, Sheriff Eric Watson's Jail has failed its initial inspection.

The Bradley County Truth Project Chapter 1: The Art of fail·ure /ˈfālyər/

The Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI) confirmed Tuesday that the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office under Eric Watson’s leadership has failed its initial inspection (Report Documents Below).

Upon their inspection, TCI found an overcrowded jail void of proper documentation or the ability to conduct suicide observation and restraint chair checks in a timely manner.

Ironically, at his campaign kick-off weeks before, Sheriff Watson boasted that upon his arrival as sheriff, he “walked into a mess” and that the BCSO is now in a “better place”.

However, the TCI report completely refutes Watson’s heroic claims about the Bradley County Jail.

As the news broke, coverage of Watson’s initial jail inspection failure began making the media rounds.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press stated that “Despite the opening of a 100-bed workhouse and thousands of dollars spent to repair and clean up the jail last summer the Tennessee Corrections Institute’s inspection team found overcrowded cells, broken sinks, toilets and showers, a leaking roof in a cell area.”.

The Cleveland Daily Banner reported on the Sheriff’s failure as well and noted that Watson was passing the buck (see Hillary Clinton’s new book for further examples of this) stating that “Inspection finds overcrowding; sheriff blames state inmates”.

Perhaps the second time will be a charm for Sheriff Watson’s inspection. However, in the meantime, voters in Bradley County have been left to wonder, what truly has changed?


The Tennessee Corrections Institute’s report completely contradicts and disproves the Sheriff’s claims of the BCSO being in a better place.

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Despite a previous investment of taxpayer funds to repair the jail, TCI inspectors found the BCSO facility in disarray and out of room.
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In spite of previous deaths, suicide observation and restraint chair checks are not being done within appropriate time.
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TCI report contradicts Sheriff Watson’s claims.

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