Sheriff Watson Has Lost Control

The Bradley County Truth Project Chapter 2: Losing con·trol kənˈtrōl/

After further investigation, Christians For Accountable Leadership has released a new video detailing another troubling example of Sheriff Watson’s disregard for public safety. On July 4, 2017, despite being sentenced to six years in prison 2016, after violating his probation twice by being charged with additional crimes including: domestic assault and aggravated burglary, Tennessee Department of Corrections inmate Juan Torres was somehow able to attend Sheriff Watson’s fireworks show dressed in civilian clothing. Free to himself, Torres was allowed to entertain a female guest and was provided access to social media to document what was happening. Even capturing a picture of himself, with Watson in the background.

The following is Christians For Accountable Leadership’s full statement on the manner:

This latest discovery is another unfortunate example of Sheriff Watson’s blatant disregard for public safety. Instead of making sure order was kept, Mr. Watson paraded himself around in the spotlight and allowed a TDOC inmate who violated his probation twice by being charged with additional crimes including, aggravated burglary and domestic assault, to entertain a female guest and gain access to social media.
The citizens of Bradley County deserve better than this.
It is abundantly clear that Sheriff Watson is no longer the one running the Bradley County Jail and has lost control.

Christians For Accountable Leadership is a Biblically based conservative group that is committed to uncovering the truth and providing a voice for constituents.