Bradley County sheriff goes on two-state manhunt for wife's bail skip [video]

Times Free Press

Chattanooga Times Free Press | Judy Walton & Paul LEACH | March 20th, 2016

“When Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson’s wife, Tenille Watson, went to work as a bail bondsman in February, long-established bondsmen in the county were worried.

When word got around that Sheriff Watson took his wife along to a March 5 sobriety checkpoint in Charleston, Tenn. — and she then wrote the single largest number of bonds from that weekend’s arrests among nine bonding companies — they were furious.

“We’re all unhappy,” said a longtime bondsman who didn’t want to be identified for fear of retaliation. “If she can do that, why can’t we ride with police officers?”

“I’ve got nothing against the sheriff’s wife at all, but it’s a conflict. All the booking agents will toss stuff to the sheriff’s wife as a favor,” said another established bondsman.

Beyond the appearance of favoritism, they say Tenille Watson’s work as a bonding agent raises ethical and legal questions...”

“March 7 Bradley General Sessions docket (bonds written March 4-7)


A Veterans Bonding: 12 bonds

Mickel Hoback: 5

Brad Parker: 3

No name listed: 3

James Roberts: 1

Bam Bonding Co.

Belinda Rogers: 3

Bright’s Bonding

Sophia Phillips: 1

Carlos Bail Bonding

Carloes Jones: 3

Cumberland Bail Bonds

Tenille Watson: 9

Jeff Chamberlin: 4

East Tennessee Bonding

Michelle Bradford: 5

Gary’s Bail Bonds

1 (no name)

Sanford and Son

Andrew Muth: 1

Wooden’s Bail Bonds

Jeff Wooden: 2

Source: Bradley Circuit Court Clerk’s office”