Bradley County citizens react to Sheriff Watson's charges

News Channel 9 (WTVC)

News Channel 9 (WTVC) | Alexandra George | July 21st, 2017


NewsChannel 9 has confirmed with Bradley County Criminal Court that the trial for Sheriff Watson is scheduled for November 27th, 28th, and 29th.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


The people of Bradley County claim that allegations against Sheriff Eric Watson have been circulating around the community for sometime. One resident expressed relief when he heard the news.

“It’s about time that he got caught,” sighed resident Jessie Cabrera.

Other residents called the entire investigation a “witch hunt.” One even expressed anger that there is even discussion on the subject at this point.

Brett Atyieh said “My thought on that is that we don’t know that he did that since hes only been indicted.. everybody is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country.”

The Mayor of Bradley County, Gary Davis, first got the news when NewsChannel 9 informed him of the booking.

“I’ve been in office for a while now and I’ve dealt with a lot of different things over those years but I’ve never dealt with this,” said Mayor Davis.

“Business will still go on, I’m sure law enforcement will continue, I am sure from the law enforcement perspective there will be no change.”

Mayor Davis says that since the Sheriff is still serving in his position, there is nothing different for the time being. Although he is confident that the system will take care of any upcoming issues.

“Mistakes are going to be made and they’re usually gonna be addressed.”