More scrutiny for Bradley Co. Sheriff Eric Watson [video]




NewsChannel 9 has confirmed with Bradley County Criminal Court that the trial for Sheriff Watson is scheduled for November 27th, 28th, and 29th.

Depend on us to keep you posted.


NewsChannel 9 has confirmed with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office that Sheriff Eric Watson was booked at the Bradley County Jail Friday morning. After he posted a $30,000 bond, he went back to work.

NewsChannel 9 Reporter Kayla Strayer reported live at the Bradley County Jail with updates.

Sheriff Eric Watson still on the job while facing felony charges

The indictment shows six separate charges of using six vehicles that he knew to have been altered, falsified or forged. Watson’s attorney Jim Logan says his client is not guilty.

“Eric Watson wants justice just like everybody else ought to be able to receive,” Logan said. “He wants to know the basis of the charge against him and he stands ready to request a speedy trial.”

Bradley County Commissioner Dan Rawls has been handing over evidence against Watson to the TBI since 2015.

“I’m not out to get anyone. In fact, I was actually involved in a small sense in his campaign to get elected,” Rawls said. “There is no vendetta against Eric Watson.”

“He’s the person who has submitted all of the complaints,” Logan said.

Rawls says the sheriff should be held to a higher standard of justice.

“What I’m asking for is fair and even justice, no special considerations,” Rawls said.

As of now, Watson remains in charge.

“Sheriff Eric Watson will continue to be a sheriff who does a good job for Bradley County,” Logan said.

Not according to Rawls.

“He has literally destroyed, in my opinion, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department.”

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